It all started when...

... I was 5. My mother put me in front of a piano. I was living in a little village in the Loire Valley, France. I then studied the piano for 10 years, and picked up the guitar during my teenage years. Reading music sheets was never my thing, so instead, I developed the skill of playing "by ear", which led me to improvise and create my own melodies. It's only recently though, while living in Amsterdam that I decided to have a go at producing my own music.

My piano background strongly influences the way I produce music, and melodies always play the center part. I heavily rely on the use of hardware instruments (analog synthesizer, drum machines, acoustic and Rhodes pianos...), and do not limit myself to a single musical genre, continuously exploring musical universes such as Modern Classical, and Electronica.

My influences range from Modern Classical (Nils Frahm, Olafur Arnalds...) to Jazz (Avishai Cohen), and from Indie Pop (Radiohead, Death Cab For Cutie...), to Electronic (Kiasmos, Jon Hopkins...).

I hope you appreciate my work. Please do get in touch using the contact section if you have any questions, and please share my work if you think it deserves to be heard!